WOW!  I had some food at a shower a few weeks ago and it was delicious!!  Then the next night I thought I was going to die.  Several of us got a dose of food poisoning and mine lasted over two weeks.  The upside is I'm down 5 pounds!!  Every little bit helps!!  I can't believe how sick we got.  When I'm cooking I'm like a crazy germ freak so getting poisoned isn't even something I think about.  Probably with all the travel   to get to the party something went wrong.  Now I'm going to be in hand wash over time!!  Two weeks with no internet, no art work, just bed.  It's like I lost a part of my life. 
Anyhow, here's a new necklace I finally got done. 
Beatrice is simply an assemblage of wonderful elements.  A large metal plate layered with papers and text, coated several times with a clear varnish.  Old hinge with a panic button dangle, vintage pocket watch face with an old bee with a ruby red crystal on his back.  Clay beads and pewter swirls, small black Japanese beads and a toggle clasp.  A nice big bold chunky necklace.  I love a great focal piece for a simple outfit.  This is it!  Measures:  chain has a 25 inch drop, with a 3 x 4 inch big bee pendant.   available for purchase at

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