My hair smells of fresh lemons and you can see your reflection in the shine!

For the last few days I've been close to death from food poisoning. Okay, I wasn't going to die, but was wishing for it in the middle of Sunday night. The upside is, I lost four pounds! YAY!! I have to teach a class this morning. Thankfully, I just started classes in my studio at home, so there's no forty minute drive to work. In my semi unconscious state I pulled on clothes, did my hair and stumbled to the bathroom to spritz some hairspray on my aging locks. Hmmm, they must have changed the scent in my favorite brand, I hold the bottle out for my eyes to adjust to the print and it's not hairspray but PLEDGE! Lemony fresh Pledge to put a shine on my furniture. I can't believe I've now become one of those crazy women who bumble around the house doing brainless things in the fog of their life. I'm going to blame this event on the aftereffects of the poisoning. I am not that crazy woman yet! Really! Now let me go get the iron out of the refrigerator and put some toast in the hamper.  First aid bracelet for the mentally challenged housewife!
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