tutorial: How to make a rabbit pendant

Here are some quick instructions how to make a beautiful rabbit charm using a plastic toy.  Supplies needed:  plastic toy, silver metallic- enamel paint, oven, black acrylic paint, gloss or satin sealer.  A dremel or drill to put a hole through.  Before I start painting I put a hole with my dremel tool,  through the middle of the rabbit's back, all the way through and out the bottom, or his stomach.  Then I clean him to get all the drill dust off.  With a paint brush I put on two coats of enamel, follow directions on the bottle.  You can get enamel paint in the craft store with the other bottle of craft paint.  After I let it dry for about an hour I put it in my kitchen oven or craft dedicated toaster oven and bake it for the time on the enamel package.  I usually start checking it about half way through to see  if it is set and dry.  You don't want to walk away while you're doing this or your rabbit may melt.  When it's done, carefully remove it from the oven and allow it to cool.  If the legs are curled at all, now is the time to straighten them.  After it's completely cooled, put a coat of black acrylic paint on the entire rabbit, then wipe off with a clean, soft cloth.  This will make the rabbit look antiqued.  When this is dry, two to three coats of sealer may be applied.  Allow it to dry completely between coats.   When finished you can thread a wire or string through the hole and make it into a pendant.  I've used regular acrylic instead of the enamel and it will rub off with wear.  You want your piece to look professional so take the time to use the enamel.  If you are just doing this for an assemblage where it won't be getting any wear you could probably get away with just acrylic.  In jewelry you'll need to make it durable.  You don't have to use a rabbit, any hard plastic toy will work.  I use the ones made in Germany, they cost more but they are a much better toy, they are stronger, better made and have great detail. 
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