Is This A Sickness? And are you qualified to help??

Yeah!! I went to an auction and have a huge haul of bronze keyholes,VICTORIAN SHABBY CHIC BRASS METAL PRIMITIVE MEDIEVAL GOTHIC ART DECO HARDWARE GOTH ESCUTCHEON COVER PLATES FURNITURE PLATE ALTERED ART MIXED MEDIA ASSEMBLAGE STEAMPUNK !!!!! Dancing around my pile BUT!!! I have to sell some in my supply store on etsy to make the money back I spent that I don't have!!!! That's NOT THE PROBLEM!! The problem is I want to keep most of it for myself. The problem with being an artist is stuff. You never have enough, you're always looking for more, have no storage for all of it, can't get rid of it because it may just be the piece you're looking for in the future and on and on.....Is this a sickness??? I have two bedrooms, an office, a finished basement that is HUGE, an area in the family room, MY CAR!!, the garage and even things in the shed. OHMYGOSH!! Am I going to be on the news someday as the woman found under a pile of newspapers, only insert art supplies and paintings for newspapers!!! My pile is growing....and GROWING. I opened a supply site on etsy, then a sewing supply site on etsy. It hasn't helped, it's actually hurt! Now I can't pass up anything because it may go on the site OR in the pile for later. Really, I'm not a nut, just obsessed with my art. THere it doesn't stop. I am obsessed with my art. Does that mean too many paint brushes. NO. I paint. I draw. I sew. I build. I assemble. I make jewelry. I make soap. I make paper. I make things from paper. I collage. I do mixed media. I do clay, both ceramic and polymer. Now you take all of those and you have art supplies X however many and on top of that I'm an obsessive instruction and biography and anything altered art book and Magazine collector. I think it's a sickness, but right now I'm not looking for a cure. I will take some off today's finds and put a FEW of them in my store. The rest I'll leave out for a while so I can just enjoy gazing at them. Help needed, qualified destashers only need apply.
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