I've been reduced to a bag woman

Okay, I'm a professional artist, translation:  people are now paying me enough for my art, jewelry and handbags to support myself- but isn't that why I got married>?  His money supports us, mine is whatever money or on responsible days~my retirement fund!  Even though I have 4 online stores and I work as an art teacher part time, even  sell my jewelry wholesale now!!!  I am still the maid, cook, chauffeur, care giver, dog walker, poop picker upper!, laundress etc, you can fill in the rest as I'm sure you have your list!  Popping a tube of paint is directly causes a  "Mary, ..."  or the phone rings..."Mom..." or someone stops by because I'm not working, can't be- I'm at home. 


I read a great article about creative people, we're disorganized, scattered, etc!  No I'm not, I just have to fit it in between the 90 other demands of the day.  My husband asked at breakfast why I was soldering on the kitchen counter?  Uh, last night  they all wanted a big dinner- soldering had to be done, can't I do that while I watch a vat of spaghetti sauce simmer?  Made perfect sense to me!  I didn't get any flux in the pan!


By working like this  I  am still able to cook, clean, be healthy in my home-if you don't clean that mold will kill you!...hmmm, wonder what kind of medium I could mix it with to make...I digress.  I’m always multi tasking, just  moving the art with me.  I've become a bag woman!  I have great tote bags, saved over the years from every charity, club or wherever they seem to come from, now I have a new GREEN stash of grocery totes to pull into service.  All  the bags have glue, scissors, thread, needles, yarn, crochet hook, knitting needles and about four ongoing projects.  When I leave a room, a bag goes with me, when I go in the car, sometimes two bags go with me.  I am never without my projects now.  I went on vacation one time and forgot a bag and had to go to the store just so I could have some art supplies with me.  I wouldn’t be comfortable otherwise.  Now before I go I pack the art supplies a week in advance, my clothes an hour before I leave for the plane.  I have my priorities right!  Gotta go, which bag will I take with me?  

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