Time Only Begins When The Clock Stops STEAMPUNK SCULPTURE 

TIME...HARE TODAY, GONE TOMORROW! Okay, I have to give some credit here, my new wonderful friend, Marj Epp gave me that name. She actually came up with several:
Today Is A Good Hare Day!"
"Time...Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow"
"Cwazy Wabbit Whimsy"
"I Thought I Looked Good, But Just Look At My Hare!"

I met Marj at a craft show and I instantly fell in love!! Did you ever meet someone that you just felt like you've known your whole life and they totally "get" you? That's how I felt about Marj. I just love her, she makes the most amazing things too! I'll be putting one of her ostrich shell brooches on here shortly, so stop back. Probably one day this week. They are true "art jewelry" ! She is going to have a shop, until then I'll put one of her pieces on my site for now. 

This is an old clock case, painted and emptied of it's innards. A tin type photo on the clock face with vintage print around her. On the "floor" of the room: a vintage china doll leg, a watch maker's part jar, old key, some REALLY old buttons, a vintage pharmacy label with the word SPIRIT showing. Above her head is a scrabble tile, collaged with the words "to amuse" and a vintage watch crystal label. On the top of the case, a vintage bobbin with a toy rabbit that I make into pendants and a really old key on top of that. Kind of reminds me of a merry-go-round ride. The top is all wired and glued so it won't slip off. If you turn it around there is a little morbid surprise back there. In the hole where the batteries go there is an extra china arm and hand tucked away. Sorry, couldn't help it. It could also be called the Bone Collector.

Measures: 6x3.5 inches 1 3/4 inches deep

I've had some responses to my name choice for this piece:
from VintageArts: How about "time to be amused" She sure looks like she could se a laugh.

From Beadliotheque : A Hare to the Right

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