Work in progress. Collage, drawing.

This is a work in progress. A few weeks ago while on vacation, I was sitting in the harbor on a ship in NYC, we were waiting to leave and I saw the most amazing image looking out of the window at the bar, I took out my camera, took a few pictures and then saw I had a camera with NO CARD!! I'd left it home-so much for packing an hour before I leave on vacation. The city was outside of the window and overlaid on it in the glass reflection were the people on the upper deck playing chess with enormous pieces. The people looked like they were on top of the buildings with other people climbing the stairs, which you couldn't see, but it placed them in and around the buildings at different heights. The people were the size of the buildings, like huge giants amongst the towering buildings of New York. It was such a great image I wanted to keep it to take home and do a painting-when I have time-haha. So….without a camera I had to do a quick sketch so I could remember it. I did a sketch-y pic so I can figure it out. I want to do this on a big sheet of paper, this is just a sketch to see how I want it to look. So much for having my camera with me all the time! I wish I were more organized like normal people. I was probably packing the camera and thought of something else and got sidetracked when I was packing. It's okay though, this will just make me use my brain a bit more in figuring it out. The second picture is more of the same idea. Can't figure out yet how I want it to go.
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