Sharing one of my favorite ETSY stores with you!

The Willow Maiden

Kathy Pendleton Deck

I just love this woman!  She's totally nuts and so much fun!  Her work is really well done too.  
Assemblage artist, artisan jewelry and crazy girl!  

Here's a quote off her Facebook Page:
About KathyTake time to breathe!

I'm somewhat insane but harmless. But creativity boarderlines on insanity anyway. I'm a found objects artist so I am always digging around for stuff. Looking for friends who like to laugh and create. Everyone has creativity in their soul.

If you want a daily giggle, give her a friend request on her Facebook!  She gives me a grin just about every day!
Runs With Scissors

 Kathy's work is available in her ETSY shop:                                 WillowMaiden

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