Making story jewelry

I love making jewelry with a story.  They don't come together right away, you have to search out each element, details count.   When it's finished you feel like you did something;  I get bored just string beads, there has to be a bit of a challenge or I'm bored.

She's a quiet woman, goes about her life, but in the dead of night, dressed in a little black dress, heeled boots and a scarf around her hair she places the necklace around her neck. Everything she needs is hanging from the chain. They're small, but they work. Who would suspect a stylish woman with a chunky necklace? The discs containing the files placed in full view, a small Lugar with three bullets, several smaller guns, each with one bullet, the key to locker at the station....some of the things she'll need to complete the mission.

Assemblage necklace with an old miniature Lugar gun, vintage pearls, charms, vintage watch parts, old skeleton key, vintage blue drop. Please view the pics for all the fun stashed on this charmed story necklace.

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