Gift Tag Swap

Every Thursday for four or five years a group of my friends and I have been meeting for coffee at a local restaurant.  Every week people show up for breakfast, a chat and sharing our art.  It shocks me sometimes that an invitation to a few woman to meet me there turned out to be an ongoing event for this long.  We started out with a few ladies and now some weeks there are over twenty woman.  Fortunately for the restaurant this doesn't happen every week.  Usually there are at least a dozen of us.  Many of us have it on our calendar and schedule around it.

It's so important in my busy life to have a small amount of time set aside just for chatting with friends, no pressure.  We just sit and laugh.  That's really important to me.  We're always rushing through our days keeping up with our list of obligations, but come Thursday morning we seem to keep finding the time to get to the shop to visit for an hour.

Last week we decided to do a gift tag swap.  It wasn't mandatory, only those that wished to participate could.  Today I got a stack handed in, there's still two weeks until they have to be in for the trade.  I started an album where I keep posting pictures of finished tags as I receive them.  We're supposed to make four and we'll get four back from the swap.  I've become addicted to making them in my spare time.  Every time I get in the car and my husband is driving I start scribbling a new one.  

In two weeks when we have all of the tags I put all of them up for everyone to see.
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