Yacht Stock~6 hours listening to bands and painting

Yesterday the weather in Philadelphia was like a dream. No humidity, sunny, big puffy clouds and the temperature was perfect for sitting outside, under an umbrella, listening to bands along the Delaware River. I attended Yacht Stock at my husband's boat club. It's a huge event every year to raise money for local families in need. There were 15 bands on multiple stages, vendors, food and my favorite~Margaritas, hold the salt, please. Knowing I would be there for hours I packed my traveling art bag, just in case! I have a little bit of a hyper personality, even though I was having a great time!! I still need to do something with my hands. Having hundreds of people walking around near my table was just too good an opportunity to let pass. All of those different shapes! and types of people, me behind my dark glasses, a perfect situation for a painter of people. I had a small watercolor notebook with me and a compact travel box of colors, one brush and a glass of water. All I need for a wonderful afternoon. The hours went by so fast. I talked, laughed, sang!! drank Margaritas and painted the people around me. They were just quick sketch paintings, everyone was moving around, dancing, leaving for other areas, so speed is essential . Fast is my favorite way to work, just putting down little pieces, enough information to remind you of the event later. Not serious artwork, that's for a day in the studio. These were just snapshots. Many of the pictures were amalgams, different moments all compiled into a single picture. Someone walks away, just start on someone or something else on the same page. When I work like this the memories are so much clearer, even with the big drinks. Vacation moments are cemented in my head from sketches I've done. I think the level of observation when doing a sketch wakes your brain up to your surroundings, making a more lasting impression. The picture above is one of the sketches I did. I gave it away to a girl sitting near me. Some of my pictures I turned into note cards in my shop: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=28046252
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