Making art dolls without all the sewing!

Making art dolls is just fun!  Sewing the little arms and legs, turning them, ironing them~I can live without that!  Embellishing, dressing, making faces, hats, wings:  that's where the fun starts.  Turning the long legs is pure torture.  I do it because I want to make dolls.  

A wonderful woman that loves to sew has agreed to make some body blanks for me.  She does the cutting, sewing and turning, mails them to me and I get to stuff, paint and go crazy on them.  This is just the perfect way to work.  I've proven that, YES, I know how to sew, but I don't want to.  Now I don't have to.  Dolls are a relaxing, creative time for me.  I felt guilty the first time, I've gotten over that completely!  Each one still comes out with their own unique personality, looking at them you'd never know they all started out with the same shape piece.  

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