Captured Brownie Fairy

An antique bronze clock bezel and glass were just begging for something fun to be placed inside. My friend and I were out antiquing one day and we found two little Brownie Fairies. We both wanted them, so we compromised, each of us got one. He's wearing the funniest clothes, complete with a FEZ hat! On his belt I've attached an old watch gear. Behind are lovely filigree brass wings, to help him flit around, doing his best to cause mischief! Little Brownies are known for the mischief they get into! I've trapped him under glass to keep the mayhem (chaos) under control. Only when you're ready to keep him in line, may you open the glass door and let him wander~! but be forewarned! they do get into things. An antique clock gear is behind him upon a collage of papers from magazines, and an old children's book. The words "In the Air" are back there too, to remind you to keep him under control. A transparent watch face with a vintage glass watch crystal, with the tag still attached, is floating above him, warning you to keep his time free strictly governed. Nestled in the case is an old watchmaker's glass vial, with cork, and the number 147 on the tag. That's how many tricks he has up his sleeve. Inside is a teeny, tiny, little watch hand. This is not attached to the assemblage, allowing you the chance to roll a piece of paper, with a secret wish, inside the canister. There is also a bit of room for another little addition of your own. Just keep in mind he's very powerful, so be careful what you allow him to have access. 

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