Searching for Art Supplies

I got a convo from a fellow Etsian and here is a quote from the message: 
A fixative, with touline, exploded in my art room. What a nightmare! I lost 70 %+ of my supplies, shelving, a bowl my Grandfather had made, all creations finished and ready to be examined for perfection, all special orders, all creations in progress, all my paints, glues, brushes, found objects metals, min things, miniatures, beads, etc. That stuff ate through metal, plastic, and wood. I grabbed the glues and other spray cans as fast as I could (they were punctured) before they explode or leak.

My first message is to be careful of what you store in your home!! Toxic and homes don't go together. Learn what is safe to store in your house!!

I think one of the saddest things for a creative person is to be without supplies. Can you imagine? It would be a nightmare for me! I even take my supplies on vacation and have a bag ready to leave my house at all times so I can grab it on the run. Now imagine no glue sticks or a paint brush!! YIKES!!

Yesterday I went to the post office and got one of those "all you can fit in a box for one price" boxes and filled it with a mixture of supplies. Pencils, erasers, sculpey, sewing needles, fabric, trim, beads, wire, all kinds of things. I kept thinking what would I want to at least start, then began collecting. I'm lucky, I've been collecting and teaching for years so I have lots of supplies. 

If you are lucky too and have anything you could spare and want to share please let me know and I can give you her address to mail something to her. Even a single paint brush would brighten her day. She can't make a claim on her insurance because the deductible is too high. Cleaning and repair is going to take all of her available cash. This would be such a nice thing if people could just send her a little package. I've been talking to her on ETSY for a while now and she is a really nice person. If you want to know what her store is I'll send you a link. If you want her address I can send that. 

Karma: the effects of all deeds are viewed as actively shaping past, present, and future experiences. This is a great way to do a good deed. You feel good, she feels good!

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