Saint Therese of Liseaux STEAMPUNK SAINT

I found this picture of a child saint in a magazine, she has such a sweet little face, she needed to be saved and made into something...she's been fixed to a scrabble tile with an old gear attached over her head like a modern steampunk halo. Pieces of an old pocket watch behind her and a large token for the base. A large bale on top with a generous hole so you can leave it on the included ball chain or slip it off and add it to one of your other chains. Nice old patina to the whole piece gives it a nice vintage feel. 
 The parents of Saint Therese, the Steampunk Saint, were Louis Martin, a watchmaker of Alencon, France, son of an army officer, and Azelie-Marie Guerin, a lacemaker of the same town.  Azelie-Marie Guerin, a lacemaker of the same town. 

A very nice Etsy woman contacted me and told me the background of this saint so I'm going to share her message: "You might want to mention that this is Saint Therese of Liseaux; she's very popular. And her father was a watchmaker- so the steampunk is very appropriate. :)" This is what I love about ETSY, the community here is so nice, helpful and supportive of other artists!! Thank you!!
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