Three Weeks and Still Cleaning the Studio!

Week three and I’m still trying to organize my supplies and art rooms!  Imagine spending that much time on a project and still not having it finished!  Yesterday I had shelves put up in my sewing room.  I spent the evening folding fabric and stacking it by color on the shelves and into giant plastic bins.  There are probably about 40 bins around the house now.  You should buy stock in RubberMaid.   


So many tubes of seed beads,  not just in the sewing room, they’re in the kitchen, living room, art room, probably in the bathroom if you open a cabinet and look.  My husband has (had) a really great wood chest for tools that I “borrowed” for the organization of seed beads.  Each drawer can have it’s own color.  About half the drawers are full so far.   It’s hard to stay on task and finish a project, too many things to excite me.    A beautiful bead I had stashed out of site, silky, vintage, satin ribbons in a drawer or an article pulled from a magazine for later reference.  How can I not stop and look?  I’m thinking probably two more weeks before this job gets done.  I’m not giving up though.  I work on it a bit every day.  It’s even gotten to be a pleasure revisiting some forgotten treasures hidden away in my unorganized mess. 

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