Sometimes I forget to have fun

Sometimes I forget to have fun. I started making jewelry years ago and teaching art and forgot that I really love to paint. My husband was in a two year term of a club where he had to wear a tuxedo, he just finished his term. Here's the painting, unfinished of him in his "uniform". Wow, I forgot how much fun it was to paint for fun and not for a job or deadline. Having someone I like as the subject helps too. This isn't the finished picture, I never took a pic before I sent it off to be framed. You can still tell how it will end up from here though. There is something so wonderful about painting when it's for yourself. I find I even breath in a slow and almost dreamlike breathes, very zen. When I'm painting for a job I feel the pressure of the clock and how it needs to come out. This was just so relaxing, and in my life right now with so many things going on everyday taking two evenings off to just paint for myself was the best present I've given myself in a long time. It's important to stop rushing and trying to fix everything and feed your soul once in a while. Take a look at George, my old guy!! He wouldn't go out with me on a date years ago because he thought I was too young, took a long time to convince him that it was ok! We've been together 26 years now!
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