Feed your kids M&M's! YIKES!

Okay-don't start hating me. (I have the flu, so regarding any comments I make, I'm not necessarily responsible for-bwahahaha) ANYHOW- the media is going crazy with this M&M food coloring story. YIKES!! I love M&M's, they're little happiness pills. Sure I would like to see every food we eat made to the highest quality and health level possible. I don't think I even have to mention that-it should be a given-however-blaming the food dye on your child's behavioral problems is almost a joke to me. If you have a kid with issues-or just because they're children!, you don't give them a fist full of candy-period. You're responsible for what they eat, it's your job to feed them well and teach them good habits. Maybe the dye makes them hyper or act out but so does a handful of sugar. If you're worried about what they're eating don't give them candy. jeesh-parenting-101. Put a Dora sticker on an apple, draw a face on a banana-instant Minion-cut up some carrots, celery or other veggies and give them some yogurt to dip them in, cut prunes in little pieces-tell them it's candy and they'll love it. I can't remember giving our two little guys a bag of M&M's and saying "here, go eat this and don't get wired" YIKES, sometimes I think we need to stop blaming everyone and make some better choices on our own. Candy is supposed to be a treat-it's not a food group. Freaks. That's it, my rant for the day.
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