Princess Diana Engagement Ring Little William is Getting Married

My husband bought me the same ring, just a tad smaller though. Ha!  We got married at the same time and had babies at the same time.  Unfortunately she never got to see her babies grow up.  How sad to not be apart of your child's life.  I've had this ring for 27 years.  YIKES!!!  I've hardly worn it, I'm an artist and my hands are always in messes so hand jewelry just isn't an option most days.

Little William grew up to be so handsome and is getting married.  I think the world once again is ready for a fairy tale with all  the horrible things we see on the news everyday.  How romantic and sentimental to give his wife to be a ring that was his mother's?  I think completely romantic.  He's sharing his love of his mother and his love of his fiance, combining them, the two great loves of his life.

Now we all get to gather around the television again as another romantic, princess story unfolds.  I think we're all hoping for a better outcome this time.  Gather those comfy chairs over to the television and lets share a peek into the world of princesses.  Too bad there is no dragon!
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