Handmade sewing pouch. Carry your tools, ribbons, needles or whatever in the case. I also use these to carry makeup in my handbag and travel bag. You can carry art supplies, jewelry or anything else that you want to gather together in a shabby, romantic roll.

*****************************************************************************************NOTE!!!!!!! Items pictured inside the pouch are NOT included in the sale. They are there for illustrative purposes, example of ways to use.
**************************************************************************************** ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
If you'd like to see additional pictures of this pouch you can visit the photo album on my fan page:

Measures: 21x 6 inches
11 pockets

Fabric with cotton batting lined flap. I've put some pins and a safety pin in there. The batting makes it easy to slide pins through.

Layers of new and vintage laces and trims embellish the inside and out with photo transfers on the front and inside the needle flap. 

Brown with pink polka dotted grosgrain ribbon tie the bundle together.

A large crochet circle on the front is cut from an old doily my mother in law made about forty years ago.

On the outside of the fabric, needle flap is a button/pin back with a pair of scissors printed on it. Put there just for fun. Across the front at the top are the words: PLAYING WITH MARBLES which I cut from the edge of a piece of fabric. It was the name of the fabric and I thought it was fun so it's recycled here.
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