Sewing Therapy

Hand sewn fabric cuff.

I don't sew clothes. I don't mend seams, reattach buttons, shorten pants or any other excuse I used to convince my husband to buy me a machine.  We didn't have a lot of money so it was easy to convince him what a great idea this would be-a true investment!  Well...I've never made a single mend or new garment on the thing.  Actually this is my third sewing machine I now use.

Miniature Art Quilt with Clay face.
If you could calculate how many times I worked my way through a problem, relaxed myself when I was feeling tense, was thrilled by the few hours I could  grab to create just for the  sake of creating, well I think you would say my machines have been a wonderful investment.  I don't go to therapy, I go in my sewing room,   push fabric under the needle while my tension seeps away.

Most of the things I make I sell. This is a wonderful gift, I get to do what I like and make a living at it.  Once you start selling your work, it becomes just that, work.  My sewing is still my last pure joy, no profit to be calculated-good thing! I'd be bankrupt in a month!-no time schedule to meet,  all of the decisions are just for me.  I choose the fabrics and trims that make me happy, not what I think will sell.

It's really important when you work at your passion to save a piece of it just for yourself.  What used to be your outlet is now your job.  You could end up without a quiet space where you can retreat.  I've saved my sewing room just for me.  I sell the occasional art doll, tote bag, but the rest is just fun.

I love searching for the perfect embellishment, collecting old buttons and lace, doll clothes patterns from the 1930's and 40's, vintage sewing tools, notions, spools.....

My machine has paid for itself over many times through the years.  I can face just about anything after an hour of Singer Therapy.

Sample board of art quilts.

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