The Watchmakers Wife

The Watchmaker's Wife He works day and night making watches for his clients, barely making enough to feed his seven children. He has a good, solid wife and she deserves a beautiful piece of jewelry. He scrimps and saves but everytime he gets some money to buy some gold to make her a piece one of the children needs shoes or the roof begins to leak. While digging through his parts box he found some wonderful junk, things he couldn't use in the expensive watches he sells. The thought came to him to assemble them together for his wife, she would know it was made with love and see the hard work he did for the family through all the tiny parts incorporated in the design. Ingredients: Vintage chain-20 inches long old watch parts, gears, pocket watch case, the number "77" from an old game, Tibetan silver bees, lampwork bead with a sterling silver center, faux pearls and an antique tobacco tag from the late 1800's. It has the number "48" on it. They were used on tobacco plugs to advertise the maker. The watch case is glass on both sides so you can see into it either way, it will always look good even if the pendant flips over while you're wearing it. There are 14 drops hanging from the upper pendant and a beautiful lampwork bead dangle from the chain.
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