Weekend Craft Show

I think this is going to be my last craft show. Packing,transporting, setting up, closing my online shops....ohmygosh...I'm exhausted. Talking to people, seeing the faces of the new owners of my jewelry~it's all great. THEN...I'm home and I have to put everything away, my house is a mess. I've decided that I'm not doing anymore shows unless it's really an unbelievable show~!

Now for a cool find: I got this display box FREE, yup, that wonderful four letter word beginning in "F". Snagged it on it's way to the dump. It looks a bit empty in the photo- a sign of a successful show! A little scrubbing, pages from a vintage typing manual papered to the wood. My husband got me some LED lights. Oops! I guess this means I'll be back out doing shows again! I think I say this every year after the last show of the season. See you in the spring.
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