Tea Break Fairy

Tea Break~  Take a moment, boil the kettle and have a cup of tea. Now they have proven that it lowers stress to drink tea or just the act of preparing it. I don't know why a study needed to be done. I've always had tea when dealing with a crisis! Or just because. I love tea. I love making tea. I love to drink tea. I love buying it, all of those fun packages to choose from and I love my beautiful tea cups, the thinner the china the better and the more flowers the best! This little fairy has landed on a Rogers fork handle that has been cut and bent into a pendant base. Attached to the back is a piece of vintage handmade tatting, maybe a piece from the doily your grandmother put the pot on? and below is a Tibetan silver tea pot. Beneath her head is a vintage watch face, there to remind you to take the time for a relaxing break and upon her head a tiny crown with CREATE impressed into it. You can't be creative if you're not relaxed. You can work but to create you need to get in touch with your inner voice, you need to relax to hear what she has to say.  A ball chain, approx. 24 inches long is included with the pendant. You can wear it on the chain or slide it onto your favorite chain you already own. I left plenty of room in the turn for the bail so you can easily slide it over most clasps.  Measures: 4 inches long and 2 inches wide.
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