Is it too early for Spring Cleaning?

Is it too early for Spring Cleaning?  Maybe it’s too much work,   or I can’t move in my studio, maybe it’s the return of the birds, out there singing all day.  I can’t stop.  I just filled two bags in my greenhouse.  It needs a good washing, but it’s too late in the day for that, still it looks wonderful, cleaned out, organized, old plants dried up in their pots removed.  A quick hit with the hose then it’ll be ready to start some seeds in a month.  Usually the cleaning is part of the planting, each year promising to do it a month before.  Maybe this will be a start of a good thing. 


Earlier, in one of the art rooms began  just putting things away.  Hours!  I start working on a project and every box, drawer, bottle, cabinet is open, supplies everywhere.  It’s just how I work. Magazines show photos of beautiful work space, do they actually work in them or are they staged for the photo?  I have beautiful things all over the room, but that’s just it, all over the room.  When I’m creating I get inspired by stuff!  I’ll see a piece of velvet ribbon or a broken  bisque arm, then  know it belongs, if it weren’t in sight it wouldn’t have been added. So perfect for the application, it was on view for a reason. After all the time I spent in there today I completed half a closet .  Look at the pictures, my clean is still a mess.  This is how I work the best.  My brain runs too fast for everything in neat rows or labeled boxes.  Too many ideas and never the time to execute them.  I have journals full of ideas for the day I have time. 

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